stained glass wolf

MF104635    Mini Howling Wolf  

Sun Catcher

2.5" x  3.25"  Min. 4 pcs.

suncatcher dragonfly

MF104638     Mini Green Dragonfly

Sun Catcher

3 x  3"  Min. 4 pcs.

stained glass medicine wheel

MF104837  Lrg. Medicine Wheel

Sun Catcher

18" x 22.5"  

stained glass monarch sc

MF104708  Monarch

Sun Catcher

4.25" x 2.75"  Min. 2 pcs.

dragonfly suncatcher

MF104636   Mini Red Dragonfly  

Sun Catcher

3" x  3"  Min. 4 pcs.

four directions picture frame


Four Directions Picture Frame 5"x7"

with eagle feathers


four directions suncatcher

MF104689     Medium Medicine Wheel 

Sun Catcher

8.5" x 10"  Min. 2 pcs.

raven stained glass suncatcher

MF104691      Raven 

Sun Catcher

8" x  4.75"  Min. 2 pcs.

suncatcher stained glass

MF104693      Mini Medicine Wheel

Sun Catcher

2" x  2.5"  Min. 4 pcs.

raven suncatcher

MF104695      Mini Raven

Sun Catcher

2.75" x  2.5"  Min. 4 pcs.

stained glass metis flag panel

MF104704    Metis Flag Panel

6" x  4"  Min. 2 pcs.

four directions eagle feather stained glass table lamp

MF031178 Four Directions Table Lamp

With Eagle Feathers

lamp shade consists of four colours,black,white,yellow and red.

17.5 x 8.5 x 8.5




stained glass tealight candle holder four colours

MF1040632 Four Directions Tea Light

candle incl.

3.5" x 3.5 x 3.5"  Min. 2 pcs.

stained glass angel

MF040631 Eagle Feather Tea Lights

candles included

12" x 4" 3.5"

eagle feathers stained glass candle holder

top view

wolf stained glass 10x14 panel

MF080666 Wolf Panel

black molding frame

14" x 10 "  Min. 2 pcs.

dream catcher first nations

MF104848  Medicine Wheel Dream Catcher

7" x 15"  Min. 2 pcs.

stained glass four directions turtle

MF105001    Four DIrections Turtle 


10" x 14"  

dream catcher with bear paw stained glass

MF105000   Bear Paw Dream Catcher

With Eagle Feather

 Sun Catcher

10" x 27"  

stained glass angel

MF104958  Bear Paw

Sun Catcher

4" x 4"  Min. 2 pcs.

key chain first nations design

MF104968  Four Directions

Key Chain

1.5" x 6"  Min. 4 pcs.

key chain feather first nations design

MF104969    Eagle Feather

Key Chain

1.25" x 6"  Min. 4pcs.

four directions suncatcher

MF105059 Four Directions 

Sun Catcher

8" x 8"  Min. 2 pcs.

stained glass medicine wheel spiral

MF104971   Four Directions


4" x 24"  Min.2 pcs.

(outdoor friendly)

stained glass medicine wheel wind chime

MF104970  Four Directions

Wind Chime

5" x 18"  Min. 2 pcs.

(outdoor friendly)

Miss Mollie's Stained Glass

First Nations Collection


Our stained glass products are designed in Canada by our team of designers.

We use the finest stained glass available.

Stained Glass Will Never Fade Or Peel



Sun Catchers include chain for hanging purposes packaged in a white gift box

nickel plate sun catchers are outdoor friendly